About TCC

Welcome to The Cornerstone Church

The Cornerstone Church is a fast growing Church in Enugu that provides an environment of love and freedom for Christians who want to worship God intimately in spirit and in truth. The Church is a Word-base strong local church where believers are built up and nurtured by the word of God and the Holy Spirit into the fullness of Christ. In Cornerstone Church the people are equipped with practical insights from the word of God which they can apply in their daily living to fulfill the call of God for their lives.

We believe the effectiveness of a Christian cannot be measured by effectiveness and commitment to church work but it is measured by the Christian’s impact in the area of their calling leveraging on power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

The thought for the Church was placed in the heart of the visionary Pastor Murphy Okpala in the first week of January 2013, while he was still a Business Development Manager for a Department for International Development (DfID) Project. After several months of prayer the Church kicked-off with prayer meetings on the 22nd of June of the same year.

Our Mandate as a family is to S.E.T the World on the right path

These are the collective goals of every member of the church as everyone has a part to play in order to fulfill this call. The members of the church are to live out these goals in their daily living. From this call it is obvious that the ministry is set out to be a ministry that reaches out. The Church is the training ground for the people that will reach out to other Christians and the World with the practical and demonstrated truth of God’s Word. We are not building a dynasty but an army of God.