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Advancing Though Relationships

Relationships are key to success. God is big on it, that is why He puts the solitary in families, in other to prosper them. But I must say, relationships can also lead to failure and frustration if you are in the wrong family i.e. circle. Because who you roll with will determine to where you’ll roll to.

If you study the life of most, if not all great people, there is always a relationship or relationships that helped them gain prominence and success.
Even Jesus needed a forerunner who positioned Him for an impactful ministry.

Building relationships is a strong theme in motivational speaking. But motivational speakers tend to have a wrong approach to building relationship. Its more as a strategy for your success. So the focus most times tends to be what you can get.

This year I believe God will be bringing you that fear Him into relationships with people who will unlock the potential in you and give you platforms for your manifestation.

But you need to be careful not to force yourself into a relationship because of the benefits you feel you can get from it.

Relationships that God brings for your upliftments will be by grace. It will be like a river that flows freely. So don’t force yourself into relationships especially ones that will overburden you because of its demand.

Here are simple tips that will position you for God to link you up.

  1. Be in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. For instance go to a wedding to celebrate with a couple and not to network, or a minister’s meeting to learn, not to meet ministers with bigger platforms. God relationships often happen by coincidence.

2.Be someone that seeks to add value wherever you go. Try not to follow motivation speakers that tend to teach you to be a parasite. That’s what we tend to do. But if you focus on adding value people, including people in top positions you intended to glean from, the right people be attracted to you. That way God will cause people to favor you.

  1. Hey, be bold to start a conversation! Trust me this is very important. Because God can bring you the opportunity and you blow it or not maximize it because of shyness. I know what i am saying?
  2. And be your better self, try not to act in order to gain favor.

May your destiny helpers who will unlock a potential in you that will shape this decade locate you within the first quarter of this 2020.

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