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Reverse Cognitive Thinking

Reverse Cognitive Opportunities

7 days into 2020… How has the year been for you so far… For me it has been intriguing. God is up to doing great things.

The year 2020 is going to be quite interesting. Cultural shifts will happen. Disruptive events that will change the way we see the world will occur.

It will require reverse cognitive thinking to take advantage of reverse cognitive opportunities that will abound. But let me prophesy to you who fear and honor the Lord, you willl thrive in this 2020 economy.

However, we need to embrace new ways of seeing things. God will be leading us in ways we have not known, ways our present culture may contradict.

Let’s learn from Apostle Peter. God had a massive opportunity for him to do something no one in his generation had ever thought about doing, his culture restricted. To share the gospel to non-Jews. In his time that was a record breaker.

At first, he refused because of his culture but when he was sure it was God, he took the risky step which only the result could save his head.

That was a reverse cognitive opportunity that changed the face of Christianity. That the Gentiles were partakers of what the “King of the Jews” left behind.

In this 2020, God will be bringing several reverse cognitive opportunities to you that will not only change your life but change your space.

Here are some positioning tips to identify in order to take advantage of the opportunities God brings your way.

  1. Have regular “face time” with God daily. That way, you give Him the opportunity to disrupt your current thinking and shift your culture
  2. Rethink opportunities that at first you discounted. Especially low hanging ones that you think are uncomfortable to you. Can be a course, a relationship, etc.
  3. Finally discount what you think people will think and take bold steps. Kinda like the “If I perish, I perish” mindset. The apostle’s results vindicated him from the wrath of his companions. Your results will vindicate you also.

May #GodsBest be yours this 2020!

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